There and Back Again

Greetings Friends!

We just returned to Lospalos after a two-month visit to the U.S.  I had intended to write a few reflections while we were there, but I never found the time.  I suppose that’s a reflection in and of itself!  Despite the fact that we were on vacation for a month I never seemed to have enough time to sit down and write something.  Needless to say the pace of life is notably faster in the U.S. than in Timor-Leste.  Indeed one of the things I value about life in Timor-Leste is its relaxed pace.


Nashville, Indiana

Now that we are back in Lospalos life has slowed back down considerably.  Back to daily work in the clinic for Monica, pastoral work for me and school for the kids.  We got our pig back too (the neighbor had been keeping her).  So now I’m learning how to process dry coconut for pig food, a labor intensive process about which I’ll say more later…

Anyway, during our trip we had some great time with family and friends in Minnesota and Indiana.  We also had the opportunity to speak in a number of churches.  It was great to reconnect with churches that have supported us, share a bit about what we’re up to and receive some encouragement.

Many thanks to the churches that invited us to speak about our work in Timor:

Galilee Lutheran

UCC New Brighton

Peace Church Duluth

First Congregational Zumbrota

Mac-Plymouth in St. Paul

Cherokee Park United Church

First Congregational Cannon Falls

And let me not forget the great people of UCC Bismarck ND!  They hosted Hannah and I for several days and showed us around a few of the many great sites in Bismarck.

We’ve had this blog going for two years now and tried to put something up monthly.  One thing I learned when we were in the States is that at least a few people actually read it!  So we’re going to try to write a bit more.  We’d like to try to do shorter posts about daily life more often.  So if there are particular things you might be interested in knowing about, please let me know via an email ( or a comment on the blog.  You may sign up for the blog and receive an email notification when there’s a new post.

Grace and Peace,




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