Save Bairo Pite Clinic

Friends, please consider reading and responding to the appeal below.  Maybe someone could post it to FB since I closed my account.  Bairo Pite is a critical part of East Timor’s health infrastructure.  Monica and I are good friends with Dan and Clinic Immanuel Lospalos refers patients there.

Save the Bairo Pite Clinic!

GOAL: 3000 monthly supporters ($10 dollars/month)


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The Bairo Pite clinic needs your help!

After almost two decades of serving the impoverished community’s health needs, Timor-Leste’s government is no longer able to provide the clinic with financial support. As of the 5th of April 2018, most of the services it provides (including the care for malnourished children, maternal and infant health, and the treatment of HIV, TB, and leprosy) have been suspended, making it much more difficult for the thousands of people it was treating each week to obtain quality medical care. Through an ongoing donation of $10 a month you can help the Bairo Pite clinic continue its vital work well into the future.

The Bairo Pite Clinic?

Up until last week, the Bairo Pite Clinic had been providing free health care to the poor of Timor-Leste since 1999. Not your average NGO, its founder, Dr. Dan Murphy, finished medical school in the early 1970s and since then has spent much of his career using his skills to address human suffering in Mozambique, Laos, Nicaragua and among migrant farm workers in the USA. He arrived in Dili in 1998, just as the traumatic final chapter of Timor-Leste’sindependence struggle was beginning to unfold.

Conditions in Timor-Leste have improved since those dark days, but in spite of the heroic and ongoing efforts of many capable Timorese medical staff and public servants, often aided by volunteers from throughout the world, the health situation in Asia’s newest nation remains dire, especially for the majority who make their living as subsistence farmers in its mountains. Infant and maternal mortality is persistently high and many of the surviving children grow up stunted due to chronic malnutrition. Preventable and treatable infectiousdiseases such as leprosy, tuberculosis and malaria continue to cause widespread suffering and death. In the mountains, advanced medical care that has given hope to patients with catastrophic illnesses such as cancer in much of the world is simply not available.

Dr. Dan Murphy set up the clinic in 1999 by making use of a building left to ruin from the conflict in Dili and consulting anyone in need with the meagre resources that he could gather.Since then it has grown into one of the young county’s trusted sources of medical care, employing 80 local staff and providing free health care to up to 300 patients each day. Over the years it has hosted around 1000 international medical students and trained some 40 nurses, 26 midwives, and 26 lay-midwives, whose exploits in helping bring vital natal care to remote villages are very appreciable. Far from setting itself apart from Timor-Leste’s expanding health system, the clinic has become a reliable partner and ally to Timor-Leste’s medical establishment, helping provide essential clinical experience to many local medical staff whose continuing hard work and dedication make the dream of a more self reliant and healthy Timor a possibility.

How things stand

In April 2018 the clinic announced it had not been able to secure funding going forward and that most of its functions would be been suspended indefinitely.

The clinic’s founder, Dr Dan, has informed us that as of 2018 it would cost around $1000 a day to run the clinic optimally, and through this fund raising effort we hope to find a way to cover that. We are looking for 3000 people to make an ongoing donation of $10 a month to ensure that regardless of the political situation (someone which is Timor-Leste is rarely certain or stable) it can continue its lifesaving work.

        $10 a month. That’s $2.50 a week. Please consider helping us out. As         they say in Tetum, “hamutuk ita bele”, together we can.

Some interesting references

Dr Dan tells his story to the inquisitive people of Reddit.

And for Ted X in Dili!


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