Month: February 2017

Get TB, Find New Life!

As I was sitting in church yesterday, I glanced over my shoulder to see how large the crowd was.  I saw a man across the aisle who looked familiar, but not because I regularly saw him here on Sunday mornings. It occurred to me he was one of our TB patients.  When my clinic colleague, Rita, joined me in the pew, I asked her if that was indeed him.  She nodded and said, yes, he was a member here. Then she reminded me how the man’s wife had pushed and pushed him to come in to the clinic for his chronic cough. When he finally came in, we checked him out and found TB in his sputum.

He has diligently come in to the clinic for his medicine daily since then. And, he has also returned to church on Sundays. It’s amazing how God has ways of pulling us in closer sometimes.

A young woman came in to clinic last week complaining of a fever for the past six months. She was thin,  pale, and her temp was 100.6F.  She denied having a productive cough, but we encouraged her to give us a sputum sample anyway. Two days later, we gave her the diagnosis: pulmonary TB, sputum positive.  I asked Amena, lab technician and TB coordinator, what she said about her diagnosis.  Amena said, “She was so happy we found her sickness. She has been sick so long, even hospitalized a couple months ago, but no one has found her problem. She is happy.”  Imagine being happy about a diagnosis of TB!  But truly, she can now be treated, and she will likely be cured, and get her life back. We could all say Amen! to that.