Clean and fresh water is a precious resource.  I was reminded of this again this week when I turned on the faucet to fill our bathroom tank and dirty water came out.  Ouch.  I climbed up and examined the tank that holds our water and it had about two inches of mud in the bottom.  Lame.  During the rainy season the water is sometimes dirty and it had built up over the 5 years this tank has been in place.  What to do?


Our water tank which usually fills every other day. 

I asked Alberto, the local pastor to help.  We pulled the pump out of the well he uses and put in in our tank to pump out what water was left in the tank.  Then Alberto’s younger brothers jumped in to help.  They took a bucket and scooped out the last of the water and alternated mopping out the bottom with spraying water to clean it.  Amazing…  The tank is now clean and we have clean water.


Looks kind of dirty due to old stains on the tile inside but actually this is clean water.

Of course clean water is essential for life and a lot of Timorese people don’t have access to it.  Many girls spend most of their time walking to collect water, and few people have water in the house.  This week Clinic Immanuel is starting its health promotion program.  The local ministry of health has assigned us the village of Sorolua which is about 45 minutes from Lospalos.  The program will begin with a survey of households on their access to clean water and basic sanitation (toilet): the foundation of basic health.  We’ll go from there….


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